Monday, December 1, 2008

Jones College Prep to Get a Brand New School?

If you walk down State Street south of congress parkway you might not notice it, but here lies one of Chicago's premiere public schools, Jones College Prep. The school was founded in 1938 and has garnered numerous awards and attracted top students throughout the area.

Since the Pacific Garden Mission next door was recently demolished, the school was planning on expanding and building a new gymnasium and pool on this parcel of land directly south of the school. Well according to a recent article in the Chicago Journal, there are new plans to build an entirely new school on the land between Polk and Harrison. The proposal currently stands at $130 Million and could potentially cater to neighborhood residents as well as the typical qualified students that attend Jones.

If the school is going to expand, I truly hope it allows South Loop students to attend the school or at least be given additional points on their application to the school (especially if the school plans to use TIFs from the neighborhood).

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Anonymous said...

Watch for the LSC meeting schedule and come and be a part of the decisionmaking process.