Monday, April 19, 2021

Vote Early and Often for the Wabash Arts Corridor in USA Today Arts District Competition

Our favorite WAC piece by Hebru Brantley (now covered up by new apartment building)

The Wabash Arts Corridor (WAC) is by far one of our favorite things about the Sloop.  If you've been here for awhile you may remember that back in 2013 this district was announced.  We were very excited about the idea and fast forward to 2021 and we believe this has lived up to it's promise - dare we say exceeded it!

Especially during the pandemic - when outside activities are especially valued - the Wabash Arts Corridor gives neighbors and visitors a chance to appreciate the Sloop and some art.

All that said, we writing this post to encourage everyone to go vote as WAC is in a USA Today national competition for the "best arts district" and it looks like we're lagging behind some other places that we're confident we can/should beat.

If you're still reading and curious about what the Wabash Arts Corridor is, here is a video:

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