Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Keep Your Pets Safe - Coyotes Sightings Seem to Be Popping Up Everywhere

Urban coyotes have become a common thing even if it's surprising when you see one around the neighborhood.  We've been posting about them since we started this ole blog (see post from 2009 here!).

Lately we've seen a bunch of postings and articles about them.  Here is an image from Hello South Loop of a coyote roaming the streets of the Sloop:

Don't be surprised if you see one, but most importantly we wanted to remind all pet owners - especially those with smaller animals to be aware and careful.  These coyotes are notorious hunters and are known for attacking smaller animals (look out cats).

You can read more about them at this Smithsonian article or this Wikipedia page.  Here is a quick blurb about them:

Urban coyotes are coyotes that reside in North American metropolitan areas (major cities and their suburbs). Coyotes thrive in suburban settings and even some urban regions, because of the availability of food and the lack of predators.  One report described them as "thriving" in U.S. cities, and a 2013 report in The Economist suggested that urban coyotes were increasingly living in cities and suburbs.

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