Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Le Petite Foxes - Located at 1550 S. State - Provides Pediatric Therapy For All Ages

While Le Petite Foxes opened in 2020, we haven't posted about but wanted to bring some attention to their business.  You can find out more at their website here, but to some it up the provide:

Pediatric therapy for all ages to promote independence, build confidence, strengthen social skills, and inspire adventures.

The business is located at 1550 S. State in suite 102, but it sounds like they can do virtual sessions if desired.

The approach to therapy is summed up in three areas:


Le Petite foxes is passionate about discovering the uniqueness of each child to build on their strengths while encouraging them to stretch and grow where needed. Our sessions are carefully and thoughtfully created with your child and family's unique needs in mind.


Inspiring children and families to embrace individuality, build strong relationships, and develop strong social skills. Each session is focused on including the whole family so that children are supported at home, school, and their community.


Children learn through play and their environment. We treasure providing children with the essentials needed to develop meaningful play that is spontaneous, enjoyable, and motivating. Our sessions can take place at home, in our therapy gym, in the community, or at school.

While they've been around for awhile, please join me in welcoming them to the Sloop!  Glad to have them in the neighborhood. 

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