Monday, February 8, 2021

CMK Looking To Move ASAP on New Building at 1400 S. Wabash?

The site Chicago Architecture has the beat on some movement at the long vacant lot at 1400 s. Wabash:

Five years ago, the city approved a 296-foot-tall residential skyscraper designed by Lucien LaGrange for this location.  That was never built.  But then, almost a year ago, the property was sold to River North developer CMK.  At the time, the company wouldn’t tell Crain’s Chicago Business, or anyone else, what it planned for the property.  But now, we think we know what’s up.

We suspect that CMK is going ahead with a residential skyscraper at this location.  And we think it’s going to keep the Lagrange design, with a couple of modifications.

We think this because of a letter sent by the Chicago Department of Planning and Development last week, which indicates that the owners of the property want to start construction A.S.A.P.  The owners have apparently filed for a construction permit for the foundation and the first three floors of the residential building.  Since there hasn’t been a new design approved for this location, we surmise that they’re using the old design, or something close to it.

We posted about the original plans for the site back in 2016, but as far as we knew nothing had transpired.  The fact that CMK is involved now definitely makes it seem as if this new building has a solid chance of moving forward.  They've been by and far the most prolific developer in the neighborhood - albeit their properties are pretty straightforward and certainly not very unique compared to some of the other projects in the Sloop (and city).

Regardless, will be interesting to see how quickly they get moving on this one.

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