Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Tutto Italiano (501 S. Wells) Closes After 27 Years Citing Challenges with Covid-19

We were recently directed towards a Facebook post from Tutto Italiano (501 S. Wells) on their decision to close given challenges associated with Covid-19.  It's story that's been way to common during these tough times and one that is important to note.  While we consider this restaurant outside of the Sloop (given that it's north of Ida B. Wells), it is certainly a place many in the neighborhood have frequented.

Tutto Italiano Restaurant has been in business for over 27 years at the same location, 501 S. Wells, Chicago IL. This is no small feat in and of itself, and something we are extremely proud of! For perspective, most restaurants fail within a year, and the majority that make it past the first fail within five years. It is an incredibly cut-throat, competitive industry. We have gone through many ups and downs for over a quarter of a century in the heart of Chicago's business district; including the dot com bubble,  9/11, and the 2008 housing and financial crisis. As tough as it had been through those times, we endured and rebounded, staying ever-resilient and optimistic that the future would continue to bring progress and opportunity. Resilience and grit are in our DNA; we are not nor will we ever be the victims of circumstance who fold and succumb to fate without doing everything in our power to control our destiny.

With that said, we had never faced the possibility of shutting down for good before. We are devastated to say that we now are. We have been a familiar stomping ground to the financial market district for years now. We believe this was only possible through the relationships we created with people. We've met and served professionals of all types through life's good times and bad, growing personal relationships and connections that have lasted decades. We have served patrons from all over the world, many that visit us every time they are in Chicago. We've heard and shared fantastic tales with patrons whom we truly consider our friends and family. We have often been told that we're more than just a restaurant serving good food and good drinks. For some, we've elicited a feeling of nostalgia and comfort that felt like they'd been lost for years, replaced with problems and hardships. In that way, we've been like the treehouse that your group of friends would meet at, where the world became an endless realm of opportunities and possibilities.

Tuttos has been a place of fun times, social gatherings, business meetings, even an incubator for a start-up most recently for my son, a former Tuttos employee. But this situation has brought us beyond the point of not being able to meet our obligations. This pandemic has been hard on everyone, there is no doubt. Millions have struggled immensely and will continue to do so. We would like to thank every single one of our loyal patrons and friends who have been with us and supported us in these tough and trying times. You directly helped keep us afloat this long.  We truly appreciate the love and support and want everyone to know that we are incredibly thankful and mindful of the fact that Tuttos isn't just a business to us or to our loyal patrons. We did not know how long we could make it, all that we know is that we tried with all that we could to endure, and the problems and hardships of life finally turned that treehouse of infinite potential into a place that will have to exist in our memories. We are sad to say that Tutto Italiano has met its end and will be closed at the end of 2020. We hope that you share a memory that you had with us and remind us of the good old days!

-Val & Sonny Dervishi

Owners, Tutto Italiano Restaurant

We've actually never been, but their distinct "train car" dinning area is something we've always been curious about.  Guess we'll have to see what comes next to check out this unique restaurant footprint.

Regardless, sorry to hear the news, but congrats to the owners and team on such a long run.  Definitely not easy in the restaurant industry.

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