Monday, January 11, 2021

Michael's Arts & Crafts Closing at Southgate Shopping Center

In case you didn't see this one, Michael's Arts & Crafts store at 1101 S. Canal in the Southgate Shopping Center is in the process of closing down (via @MrSouthLoop):

It's a blow for the development, but maybe not surprising given the state of Covid-19 and the persistent challenges for big box retailers.  

While probably not directly related here, we always pondered how Michael's always had significant coupons and discounts.  We simply just didn't understand the economics behind it, but maybe it was just that competitive.

The Sloop still has a Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft at 555 W. Roosevelt, but another smaller neighborhood craft store - Artist & Craftsman Supply - closed last year on Wabash.    

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