Monday, September 28, 2020

Honey Berry Pancake & Cafe Officially Opens at 901 S. State

 It looks like Honey Berry Pancakes and Cafe is officially open at 901 S. State:

As a reminder, word of this new restaurant coming to this nice space first emerged in the summer.  The previous restaurant was sports bar Bulldog Tavern which did ok, but certainly didn't thrive.  We've heard that Honey Berry is actually owned by the same people who did Bulldog, so while it's a new restaurant it's the same owners.

While the Sloop has its fair share of brunch spots, it is certainly a format that seems to do well (Yolk, Meli Cafe and Bird & Spoke seems to be the best example of that).

We wish them well and look forward to trying them out.

Has anyone been?  Thoughts?

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