Friday, July 3, 2020

Honey Berry Pancakes & Cafe to Replace Bulldog Tavern

A reader writes:
Looks like a new place is opening up! I guess bulldog's went out??

We've never heard of this place, but according to google they have some locations in the Western Suburbs. 

Anyone have any intel on this place?  It's a huge space with nice outdoor seating so imagine it will do pretty well - assuming the food and service are solid.

While the neighborhood has a good amount of solid brunch spots, we could see this being a solid location given the building it is in.

Bulldog opened about three years ago and we're sort of surprised to see it go - although it never really stood out as anything but standard.  The food was eh at best and the crowd just always felt strange to us.  It just didn't really fit in with the vibe of the Sloop.

Regardless, looking forward to seeing how Honey Berry does.

(Hat tip:  JTS!)

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