Friday, September 25, 2020

Mad Hatter's (Gin &) Tea Party Pop-up Events Coming to Motor Row

A reader sent this to us and we found it new and interesting so thought we would share:

Party like you’re lost in Wonderland!

The Mad Hatter, Dormouse, and Hare are unleashing teatime mayhem with an immersive experience and taste of Wonderland in Chicago! Prepare to go mad at one of their bibulous tea parties!

Over 25000 happy tea party guests have taken a trip down the rabbit hole at this traveling Alice in Wonderland-inspired affair in Los Angeles and London, having won rave reviews!

Begin your journey down the rabbit hole and let your mad hosts guide you through a menu of tantalizing tea party cocktails made with the most curious ingredients. But do remember, if you don’t know where you are going, then it doesn’t much matter which way you go… Just be sure that you’re not late!

What's included?

The Mad Hatter’s (Gin &) Tea Party offers guests a chance to take a trip down the rabbit hole into an immersive, 1.5 hour-long experience hosted by the Hatter himself and some of his equally mad friends.

Enjoy 3 crazy craft cocktails in this mad tea party all while wearing a Mad Hatter hat.

All this and more will take place in a secret Wonderland garden in Chicago.

It looks like the event will be taking place in Motor Row at 2239 S Michigan Ave.  You can find more info about this at their website.  We assume this is a traveling experience, but not sure how long they'll be in Chicago.

(Hat tip: DT!)

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