Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Yarn Bomber Continues Bringing Quirky Fun to the Sloop & Raising Money for Charity

 In case you missed this last week the Chicago Tribune had a good piece about the Sloop's yarn bomber:

If you walk around the South Loop, you’ll likely run into some of Sherman’s artwork. She wrapped a bike rack outside the White Palace Grill in a red and white striped scarf and attached little knitted fried eggs and strips of knitted bacon. She yarn bombed another bike rack on South Wabash Avenue in a black and red and gray scarf and attached “BLM” (Black Lives Matter) to the top. She covers those old pet waste bag dispensers that hang on light posts in jaunty little hats with violets springing from their tops. She wraps tree trunks and branches.

“I started doing it last winter; but when the pandemic hit, it really took off for me,” she said. “You lock a crafter in their apartment for a few months with a bunch of yarn and that’s what happens. I just started going kind of wild.”

It also talks about how she's turned her yarn bombing into fundraising:

A neighbor recently asked Sherman to come over and yarn bomb the exposed pipes inside his Printers Row apartment, which were starting to look a little rusty and drab. He offered to pay Sherman for her work, which got her thinking.

Every year since 2006, she’s walked in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night walk, which raises money for blood cancer research. Sherman lost her dad to leukemia in 2012. He was 57.

She posted a note on a South Loop neighborhood Facebook page offering to yarn bomb a site or item of anyone’s choosing in exchange for a $100 donation to her Light the Night fundraising page. She’s hoping to raise $2,000.

“I got the crocheting and knitting stuff from my mom, but I got the thinking outside the box and being weird stuff from my dad,” Sherman said. “I wish I had done this when he was alive because I think he would’ve been very oddly proud.”

We've enjoyed seeing her works around the Sloop.  Keep up the great work!

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