Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Williams Inn Pizzeria Coming to Motor Row (2210 S. Michigan Avenue)

Something we missed, but certainly wanted to call-out is that the momentum in Motor Row continues with a new pizzeria opening up shop (via Curbed):
NEAR SOUTH SIDE — Williams Inn Pizzeria is slated to reopen at 2210 S. Michigan Avenue, according to a liquor license. Owners closed the original location at 1710 E. 87th Street in October 2018.
This appears to be in the same building where Jerk Villa (2216 S. Michigan) and Succezz (2214 S. Michigan) currently reside.  Based on the google maps photo, it looks like the building has three retail spots and presumably Williams Inn will take the last spot:

We've never been to Williams Inn Pizzeria, but judging by Grub Hub (4.5 stars) and Yelp (3 stars), the interwebs are mixed on whether or not it's good.  Has anyone been?  Good stuff?

Judging from their facebook page, they've got some legit Chicago style pie:

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