Thursday, May 16, 2019

Roots Pizza Coming to Printer's Row in February?

Buried in a post on Curbed early this week, we read a little sentence that caught our eye:

A larger Roots location in South Loop should open in February.

What was the context here?  Well the 50/50 restaurant group is getting ready to open a couple new places in the Second City Comedy Club and as part of that they went into some additional detail on the groups plans

Why did that catch our eye?  Well we haven't heard or seen much activity at the location where this rumored location is slated to be - the northwest corner of Polk and Dearborn.  Last we checked in was fencing going up around the space in October 2018:

Maybe the fencing was a little premature as winter was getting ready to roll in and maybe activity will pick up?  We will see.

This is one of the most interesting intersections in the neighborhood in our opinion and has had a lot of recent activity - see bike lane improvement post earlier this week and Totto's market/urban mansion being built across the street:

While the Roots pizza sentence isn't super enlightening, it is the most we've heard in almost a year.  Hope this is still happening.

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