Monday, August 20, 2018

Quench Wellness Opens at 1319 S. Michigan

We were recently driving down Michigan Avenue and noticed a new business that seemingly popped up at 1319 S. Michigan:

So what is Quench?  According to their website:
At the intersection of mind, body, and soul is where we live the best versions of ourselves. Quench Wellness aims to provide a wellness experience to our clients that meets them at this exact point of their health needs. Quench Wellness empowers our clients by replenishing vital nutrients and providing restorative hydration therapies to enhance their wellness journey.

Founded by two board certified physicians with a passion for health education and advocacy, Quench Wellness strives to offer a variety of services, products and education that cater to your unique health needs. We offer every client a safe & medically-sound wellness experience steeped in peace and comfort.
Some of their services offered on the website are IV vitamin infusions, IM vitamin shots, hormone optimization therapy and vaginal rejuvenation.

Welcome to the Sloop!

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