Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Starbucks "Coming Soon" Sign Appears at SE Corner of Michigan and Cermak

While many may roll their eyes at this picture, the impending opening of Starbucks at the southeast corner of Michigan and Cermak marks a pretty big development for this stretch of the neighborhood.

Yes we've been chronicling these changes for awhile (ahem Subway coming to the area), but this one feels bigger.

Ever since we started this blog we've heard people comment about how the south portion of the neighborhood was a joke and how they couldn't even get a Starbucks south of the one on Roosevelt (although we think there was always a Starbucks INSIDE McCormick Place...but that's not the same).

While we didn't really pay heed to this narrative, it stuck with us.  Anyway, now that this is coming it feels like the momentum is building and probably won't stop.


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