Monday, July 30, 2018

Infamous Blackhawks Emergency Back-up Goaltender Scott Foster Apparently Works in the Sloop

The Blackhawks Convention invaded the Sloop this past weekend and while their was plenty of typical hockey talk, one of the more interesting tidbits that we read was that last years surprise, emergency back-up goaltender - Scott Foster - apparently works in the Sloop (via Tribune):
As inconspicuously as possible, Scott Foster fidgeted with the pads near his forearm before the Blackhawks-Jets game March 29 until he found a crevice that would help chronicle the time of his hockey life.
“It’s very hard to stuff a cellphone in goalie equipment, but you find a way,” Foster recalled Thursday in the Hawks dressing room at the United Center as the red No. 90 sweater he wore that unforgettable night hung in the locker stall he used. “It was a cool experience and I wanted to share it. I knew I could be professional, so it was OK to be giddy like a kid inside. I wasn’t going to take pictures. I just hid the phone so I could text my wife.”

OMG, it still defies logic that the 36-year-old senior financial accountant began one day last spring crunching numbers at Golub in the South Loop and ended it hearing 22,000 fans chant his name after the emergency goalie played the final 14 minutes in a 6-2 Hawks victory.

If you're not familiar with the story, it's a fun read. 

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