Thursday, July 26, 2018

Crains Editorial Chicago wants your HQ2, Amazon

A fun read from a couple weeks back from the Crains Editorial Board - and a call out to a future South Loop development which would be great for the Amazon:
In short, we wouldn't want you to think we're staring at the phone waiting for your call. Even so . . . um . . . have we mentioned that we really, really want you to join us here in the Windy City? It's true. We do. So much so that we're hoping you might find an entirely new, built-from-scratch neighborhood just unveiled a few weeks ago to your liking: It's called the 78, and we hear it's one of the locations you've been thinking about as you size up Chicago. It's 62 acres of new residential, office space and riverfront parkland just south of the Loop, and it'll encompass the University of Illinois' plan for a huge research facility called the Discovery Partners Institute. It's also a stone's throw from the Illinois Institute of Technology and the planned Barack Obama Presidential Center, and it's roughly equidistant from both the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. We can picture you there. We really can.

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