Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse Day is Here!

A rare Solar Eclipse is happening today and across our country millions of people will undoubtedly be looking up to catch a glimpse.  Beware - if not viewed proper it can cause some serious damage.

Curbed Chicago outlines some thoughts on the event and where to watch it:
On Monday, August 21, 2017, a rare solar eclipse will be visible across all of North America, and Chicagoans will be able to get a good glimpse (while wearing protective eyewear, of course) of the astronomical event. Weather permitting, the eclipse will start around 11:54 a.m. and by 1:19 p.m., the moon will block 87% of the sun. Fortunately, there will be numerous eclipse watching parties in Chicago on Monday the 21st for residents to check out.
Unsurprisingly,, #1 on Curbed's list is the Sloop's Adler Planetarium:
The Adler Planetarium is going all out for the big solar eclipse. Dubbed Chicago’s Eclipse Fest, the Adler is hosting a whole block party complete with outdoor activities and live experiences throughout the morning and early afternoon. Attendees will be provided with solar viewing glasses for the big eclipse once it happens. The event will be family-friendly and is certainly one to consider for children.
Northerly Island also gets some love coming in at #8:
If watching parties are not your thing, consider staking out a space somewhere on Northerly Island. Far from the big downtown crowds, the island features a tranquil environment which is perfect for experiencing the event in more private and relaxing surroundings. You’ll have to bring your own solar shades though.

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