Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Review of the Playground/Park at 21st and Prairie

A South Loop resident and fellow blogger sent us a link to her in-depth review of the new playground at 21st and Prairie.  Here is a snippet from her write-up (via AlphaKidsShine):
If you have not visited yet, the playground is rich with sensory stimuli for a child. Visual and tactile experiences abound however the space also incorporates extensive vestibular opportunities which will challenge a child's balance and awareness. The floor is a smooth rubber material, likely recycled, however the Chicago Park District website does not list the material of the playground flooring. Regardless, it is a good protective cushion for "falls" and is great for ADA wheelchair accessibility.

There are 3 sides of the playground: 
  • A smaller area for ages 6 month to 2-3 years old with more open space, miniature hills, and a small climbing/slide structure easy for parents to navigate 
  • A more dynamic side for ages 4 and up with rope climbs, tight ropes, monkey bars, an extremely tall slide, a rubber ladder, and climbing/sliding poles 
  • Water area with spouts and towers partitioned off by low rock barriers, which also happen to be fun for kids to climb

A good read and from the sounds of it a good (albeit expensive) addition to the neighborhood!

(Hat tip:  AKS!)

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