Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Is "Riverside District Master Plan" the Current Concept for 62-Acre Rezkoland?

We know that the vegetation at the 62-acre lot has been cleared out.  We know there is someone working on a master plan for the lot.  We also posted about a potential conceptual design back in December of 2016.  But realistic we don't have a lot of concrete info.

That being said, a reader writes:
Was surfing the web and found this page regarding the rezko lot - not sure if its current but somethings happening over there.

This info is coming on the SCB website for a project called "Riverside District Master Plan" and goes on to explain:
Challenges encountered during the plan’s development included site accessibility, construction over an existing active rail line, establishing physical and visual linkages to the project, and creating a unique sense of place. SCB Planning’s design concept envisioned the landscape as a key design feature reinforced by a linear “Central Park” that would connect a network of ecological landscapes, pocket parks, and greenways. A river walk promenade links the riverfront development through a series of multi-family residential buildings and townhomes. The open spaces in the plan serve as pedestrian gathering spots and linkages to the surrounding neighborhoods. The redevelopment of this currently vacant site will greatly improve the transition between the downtown and South Loop neighborhoods, and activate the riverfront of the near south side.

This looks much more realistic than the post we did back in December.  Anyone have additional detail?  Can anyone corroborate?

(Hat tip:  JD!)

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