Thursday, March 23, 2017

Teppanyaki + Mexican = Interesting New Concept for Former Zapatista Space?

Mexican Teppanyaki Coming to the Sloop?
This story continues to develop thanks to our friends at Eater Chicago:
Inspired by Japanese teppanyaki, a new—and unnamed—South Loop restaurant from the team behind the Scout Waterhouse + Kitchen will feature a private room with a tabletop grill serving Mexican food. Chris Bravos, a Scout partner, said he envisions groups as large as 24 reveling around the table with margaritas in hand, commiserating while skirt steak or octopus sizzles. They’re hoping to open this summer after giving the former Zapatista a facelift.  
Bravos, who was also on the opening team at The Pony in Lakeview, said a shot of tequila or pitcher of sangria would only enhance the tabletop grill experience. Bravos has a chef in mind to helm the kitchen, but he’s not ready to make an announcement.  
“We’re thinking tacos, you can pick your ingredients—if you want a corn or flour tortilla—right at the table,” Bravos said.
Well that's an interesting concept and would definitely provide a unique offering for the neighborhood.  We love both of these cuisines, so we'll be watching this one closely.

The concept is pretty far out (and honestly if it was April 1st we may be questioning this one as April Fools), but we appreciate the potential ambition here.  

For those new to this story, one of our perceptive readers noticed some activity at the old Zapatista spot as well as some Scout people going into the restaurant.  It appears that this tip proved to be true - super hat tip to MM!

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