Friday, February 10, 2017

Looks Like it's Going to be 5-Minutes Faster to Get to the United Center via the Green Line

Looks like Sloopsters who like to take public transportation to the United Center are going to save 5 minutes (according to Tribune):
The city of Chicago on Thursday announced plans for a new CTA Green Line "L" station at Damen Avenue and Lake Street near the United Center to serve a growing residential and business area. 
The new station will fill a 1.1-mile gap between existing Green Line stations at California and Ashland avenues. In a statement, the city said the new station will improve public transit for businesses in the Kinzie Corridor, for tenants of the Chicago Housing Authority's Village of Westhaven complex and other residents, as well as for sports fans coming to the United Center for Blackhawks and Bulls games.
While we're certainly advocates for a more robust el system, this one seems slightly unnecessary.  As someone who has made the walk from the Ashland/Lake green line stop to the United Center, it's not that bad right now.  And judging by our Google Map search, this really saves 5 minutes of walking time:
So in terms of being a convenience for commuters, we question if this is that much of an improvement.  That being said, we imagine this will bolster development in the area.

Regardless, it's now going to be (5 minutes) faster to get to the United Center from the Sloop - not a bad thing if you ask us.

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