Thursday, February 2, 2017

Check Out an "American Ghost's" Work at Elephant Room Starting 2/3

A reader writes:
Is there still a great, (nearly) undiscovered American Painter of the 20th century? 
I think there is. 
I got involved in estate of the late artist James C. Harrison when his works ended up at an Antique and Auction House back in Michigan I worked at briefly years ago. It was great work (and a real departure for that shop) so, after going through the couple thousand works I asked if I could get involved. 
We have his first Chicago show since the late 80s set up at The Elephant Room Gallery on Wabash. Feb 3rd to 25th. Harrison is kind of a ghost through the ascension of American Art, beginning in the 40s and through until his death in 1990. 

(Hat tip: DL!)

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