Thursday, December 1, 2016

#SAVEKAYO Fliers Produce a Heartwarming Story

You may have seen these #SAVEKAYO fliers around the Sloop recently.  It's quite the story if you haven't:
The breeder of the company CHICAGO FRENCHIES (WWW.CHICAGOFRENCHIES.COM), IG:(@blueivyfrenchie) FB-(CHICAGO FRENCHIES) - Has stolen our dog KAYO that he sold to us in December 2015. Part of the deal for his rare color was to let him pick up kayo from time to time for photoshoots for his company. He picked our dog up with my permission on Monday November 7th at 2 p.m. - To take photos for his companys "sponsors". I haven't heard from him since. He has now blocked and ignored us on every platform. THIS IS A KIDNAPPING. We are beyond devastated, sad, and broken. Please try to help us get our dog back and spread the word. And maybe this won't happen to anyone else.

Well it appears that these fliers and the ABC I-Team have helped cracked the case:

Pretty crazy.  If you need some more pics of KAYO check out their instagram page.

(Hat tip: KC!)

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