Monday, October 24, 2016

Old Zapatista Restaurant Space Gets a New Owner

A reader writes:
Big fan of the blog and 3 year resident of the sloop! Wanted to share I had a chat recently with the new owner of the space where Zapatista used to be as it is the first floor of our building at 1307 S Wabash. He was very excited and in the process of cleaning the restaurant out immediately after he purchased it. Sounds like he may be looking for another Mexican restaurant to move in asap. Good to hear another good Mexican restaurant may be moving in (hopefully) in the near future. 
As a reminder, Zapatista closed back in June of 2015 at 1307 S. Wabash.  Honestly, we've been slightly surprised there hasn't been more interest in this specific space given that it's on one of the Sloop's more prominent strips.  Couple this with the influx of high-rises being built and seems like a winning formula.

Granted, they did have some sanitation problems in the past and our guess is that the old owner wasn't exactly keeping it in tip top shape.

Regardless, glad to hear we're getting some new blood and excitement managing the space.

(Hat tip: CB!)

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