Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What's Going on with Crescent Heights Development at Indiana/Roosevelt?

A reader writes:
Have you heard anything about what's going on with the Crescent Heights development project at Roosevelt/Indiana/Michigan? Last I heard/saw was that they were supposed to break ground in June and so far nothing.

As a reminder, back in March this high-profile project was reviewed at a Town Hall meeting and we assume that's where the reader is referencing the June start date:
Phase I of the project is scheduled to begin in June 2016. Phase I is a 76 story tower with 792 rental units and approximately 640 parking spaces. The base building will be 17 stories tall with the building narrowing as it rises toward the top. There will be approximately 100 paid parking spaces available to the public on a daily basis; along with zip cars and a bike share program. 

Well as you can probably assume that didn't happen.

Does anyone have any updates?  It's a gigantic project, so not super surprising that it's slow to get going.

(Hat tip:  EG!)

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