Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Retail Round-Up: Golfsmith Closing, Chopsticks Closed, Pizza Studio Not Opening

It seems like the Sloop is booming in a lot of ways, but that doesn't mean all businesses succeed.

First up, a reader read an article in Golf Digest about Golfsmith's recent declaration of bankruptcy.  While the article talks about the reason Golfsmith needed to do this, it also outlines a plan to close 20 stores in the US:
The next big move involves the closing of 20 Golfsmith stores in the U.S., all in areas already served by other Golfsmith locations. (For example, the five Golfsmith stores in Houston will be cut to four, while the five Golfsmith stores in the Baltimore-Washington corridor will be cut to two. In addition, several of the closing Golfsmith stores compete directly in markets with PGA Tour Superstore outlets. Here are the Golfsmith stores set to close before the end of October
The list goes on to include "Chicago (South Loop)".  So looks like we're losing a golf option.  That being said, this store - while nice to have - always seemed strange to us.  While people in the Sloop may golf (my hand is raised), the location seemed strange to us.

Another reader writes (and we confirmed):
Looks like Chopsticks on Roosevelt has closed. Noticed the windows had been papered over last week.
While some may cry, honestly we were never fans of this restaurant.  It wasn't good.  As a reminder, Chopsticks opened in 2014 and replaced Yang's.  This seems like a great location for a restaurant given the immense amount of foot traffic.  Hopefully something good goes in.

Finally, a reader noticed (and we confirmed):
Looks like this restaurant is not opening and the signage has been removed. Website now shows the next location at Northwestern Hospital.
We were excited to try this place out, but let's be honest - the pizza scene in the Sloop is relatively well saturated.  While we never like vacant retail space, this probably won't be missed.

(Hat tip:  SS, AR, SB!)

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