Friday, September 9, 2016

Some Updates from Acadia - Our Local Fine Dinning Spot

Looks like Acadia is welcoming back two former employees (via Eater):
After one left to open his own restaurant and the other bounced around at multiple restaurants and bars, two high-profile staffers have returned to two-Michelin-starred Acadia. According to a news release, Jason Prah is back at Ryan McCaskey’s gem as sommelier following his opening and closing of Bascule Wine Bar (plus his joining of Fork and its forthcoming sister restaurant Knife as general manager), while oft-traveled cocktail guru Michael Simon has also rejoined as beverage director following stints at ROOF at the Wit, State & Lake, Celeste, Charcoal Bar, Qui in Austin, Carriage House, and The Bedford. The restaurant has unveiled a new bar menu that includes a banh mi with "pho" hoisin glazed pork belly and "Kentucky fried" Jidori chicken with kimchi collard greens and honey. Look for changes in the beverage menus too.
The big news here is the new bar menu - banh mi anyone?

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