Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Question: What's Up With the Hoppin Rooftop Lounge at 700 Block of South LaSalle

A reader writes:
I am super curious about a rooftop lounge or party room that is atop one of the buildings on the 700 block S. La Salle Street. They built it at some point within the last year and put in a bluish light installment on the rooftop space. In the past few days I can also see that they have a fire pit out there too. I live across the way, and so I can see this from my window. I have to admit I am a little jealous, because it looks like an awesome space. I am just trying to determine if this is a private space, or is it for all the residents of the building. I really would love to know. Perhaps I can even hustle up an invitation. It looks like a glorious space to spend some summer nights. Any chance you can dig up any details?
Could this be a college dorm?  Anyone have any ideas?

(Hat tip:  KS!)

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