Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lucas Museum in Talks with San Francisco About Treasure Island Location

We've heard that George Lucas was considering other cities for his museum as the plan for the Chicago lakefront has hit some snags.  Yesterday those rumors became more serious (via Chicago Tribune):
San Francisco is making another case for "Star Wars" creator George Lucas to build his museum on the West Coast, floating an alternative site with potentially far fewer hurdles.  
Aaron Peskin, a San Francisco supervisor, confirmed Sunday afternoon that preliminary discussions between the city and representatives of Lucas' museum have taken place over a site at Treasure Island, a landfill turned naval base that is now under redevelopment after being decommissioned.

So yeah, looks more and more likely that the museum won't be coming to the Sloop/Museum Campus.

We imagine it's not over yet, but everyday seems less likely for Chicago.

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