Friday, May 27, 2016

Concerns About Concert Noise Level at Soldier Field

A reader writes:
Not sure how to post this but I am concerned about the noise level of the upcoming BeyoncĂ© concert this Friday and Saturday night.  The last time she was here, music did not stop until 1am! It was ridiculous. Not sure if there are others that are concerned. Wondering if calling the Alderman is the best course of action. 
Also, we have had our sleep interrupted by drag racers, that use the empty area off on 18th street (lot closet the train tracks) are there others that experience this disruption. 
My neighbors and myself are concerned. Any thoughts?

We're pretty sure there are pretty tight ordinances on how long concerts can last (if that's what you're referring to).  It would shock us if Beyonce actually played until 1pm.  What wouldn't shock us is if the crowd lingered and played music late.

We like the queen b, but if you're concerned, our guess would be to try the alderman.  You could try the cops, but from our experience the alderman tends to be more receptive to this type of concern and might be able to put more pressure on the cops.

(Hat tip:  CS!)

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