Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Update On Two South Michigan Impending Businesses

Upon a recent stroll down South Michigan avenue we noticed that signage has sprouted up at two vacant buildings that we posted about.
First up is Ivy Garden daycare which is moving in at 1455 S. Michigan.  We posted about this back in August of last year, but at the time we weren't sure the name or much of anything about this business.

It appears that this new location will be one of many the company operates.  According to their website their mission is:
We apply non-traditional management techniques to train our dynamic staff and to use the most creative, cutting-edge curricula to educate our students with multidimensional knowledge and skills that will serve them throughout their schooling and career.

The second business is next door to the Ivy Garden and is called Big Shoulders Chicago and is a small independent gym.  We knew most of this when we posted in February, but what is new is that the signage proclaims they're shooting for a Summer opening:

While we always love when long-standing vacant and dilapidated buildings get tenants/owners, this one stings a little bit given it's historical nature.  Most readers probably aren't aware of this, but this building was the home of Vee-Jay records, who was the record house that was responsible for releasing the first Beatles song in America (read more about that in a post we did way back in 2011).  

At that time, there was discussion about turning this into a museum and studio. Guess that's not happening and we will have another gym...sigh.

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