Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Large Advertising Sign Propose for North Face of Parking Garage at Clark and Harrison

A reader writes:
A proposal to install a 14x40’ advertising sign on the North face of the parking garage at Clark in Harrison is proceeding through the city approval process.  
The residents of the surrounding buildings have been able to block approval of similar signs at least twice in the past, but this version was not opposed by Ald. Burns in his final days in office, and is now headed to City Council for final approval as soon as March 16th. Residents have contacted Ald. Burns, signed petitions, and appeared at both hearings related to this matter. I’m attaching a mockup done by one resident of what such a sign might look like. Following the first hearing, when the matter was deferred, Ald. Burns did not attend a meeting with neighbors to understand our concerns. It is important to note that this is not a sign advertising the parking garage, but a general advertising sign that could be used for any purpose. I have spent some time walking the Sloop and cannot find another example of such a large general advertising sign in such a prominent and developed location.  
Clark St. has come so for in the past 8-10 years, and to see such a huge sign at this prominent intersection on the edge of Printers Row is saddening. The back story, as old by the sign contractor, who was present for at least one of the hearings is that the owner “can’t make money” on the garage and needs the sign for the additional income, even though the garage sits unstaffed and open to anyone to park without payment for long periods of time. This is the same location that was slated for redevelopment about 18 months ago, but that fell through, we were told because the owner (who can’t make money) decided to not sell the property.

(Hat tip:  JM!)

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