Tuesday, March 29, 2016

UFC Gym Moving from Current Digs at East 9th St to 1331 S. Michigan Ave.

A reader writes:
Just a FYI, but the UFC gym (8 E 9th St, Chicago, IL 60605) is relocating to 1331 S. Michigan Ave just in case fellow Sloopers did not know. They should be opening back up next week or so.
They forwarded the following email from UFC gym:
We would like to announce that the South Loop UFC GYM is moving and expanding! Over the next 10 days we will be transitioning to our new location at 1331 S. Michigan Ave. Just a few blocks south of our current location. We will be expanding as this new space is almost double the size of the current space we have now, allowing us to keep adding more new amenities and programs to better serve you.  
We will be down for approximately 2 weeks, in which time you are all able to use ANY of our other Chicagoland locations FREE OF CHARGE. We will freeze everyone's memberships for the time we are down so you are not missing out on any membership time, and all of the other locations will be available to you until we reopen for workouts! We could not be more excited to bring you the facility you deserve for being such AMAZING members.  
We pride ourselves on customer service, and if there are any questions during this transition, please let us know and we will do our best to help in any way we can. Please email southloop@ufcgym.com for fastest response during our downtime, or see us at the front desk in the meantime! Thank you for your patience and cooperation and we will see you soon!  
Your Team at UFC South Loop

(Hat tip:  MK, MM, CS!)

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