Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Helmut Jahn Tower Revealed for 1000 S. Michigan

Lots of good development info this week.

Probably the juiciest new thing is the reveal of the shortened and resdesigned Helmut Jahn high-rise proposed for 1000 S. Michigan.  The Chicago Tribune's Blair Kamin gives the rundown:
Responding to concerns that their first proposal was too tall, developers on Monday unveiled a scaled-down version of a Helmut Jahn-designed high-rise for South Michigan Avenue. The proposal, which cuts the tower's height by nearly 200 feet, would still create the tallest building in the row of high-rises across Michigan Avenue from Grant Park.
Known by its address of 1000 S. Michigan, the 832-foot apartment and condominium tower would rise at the south end of the Historic Michigan Boulevard District, a city landmark district created in 2002. It would conform to newly proposed city design guidelines that suggest capping heights in the district at 900 feet. That trim means a loss of bragging rights.
The original plan, which called for a tower of 86 stories and 1,030 feet, would have been Chicago's seventh-tallest building, assuming the planned Wanda Vista tower is built. At 73 stories and 832 feet, however, it would move back to around the 15th-tallest.
The proposed tower also has a new look. The first version envisioned a series of stacked, slightly overhanging cubes that grew in size as the skyscraper rose. The new version eliminates that stepped profile in favor of a sleeker curving silhouette.

While the older design was more distinct this looks much more elegant to us.  It's not as interesting, still seems good looking and would be a welcomed addition to the Sloop's skyline.

What do you think?

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