Monday, October 12, 2015

The Schooling Question and Its Impact on the Sloop

A reader writes on a very pressing and needed conversation:
Is there now, or will there be adequate public school space for continued development and population growth? It would be very interesting to hear if anyone has knowledge of new public schools in the pipeline? Or ideas for where new schools could be built? Granted the neighborhood has many excellent private schools (The British School, Old St. Mary's, etc.) but not all parents choose to, or can afford to, send their kids to private schools. Thoughtful planning of public schools is imperative in anticipation of continued development and population growth. 
The South Loop is a fantastic place to live, and if these proposed developments actually happen, we should be poised to provide quality education to welcome the future children of the neighborhood.
It appears that the Sloop is going to grow both in terms of development and in return inhabitants.

The South Loop elementary is known to be a good public school, but it is also apparently bursting at the seams.

So sound off - what do you think?

(Hat tip: MS!)

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