Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Hilton Hotel Proposed for 1101. S Wabash?

A reader sends us a application notification:

In case you can't read the notice above, the key point takeaway is:
The applicant proposes construction of a new mixed use tower of 29 stoires, containing on-site parking (150 spaces), Hotel/Hilton (196 rooms) and extended stay (85 rooms), structure height 298' (maximum), ground level commercial of 3,000 s.f.+/-, ground level site 13,678 s.f., total building 233,587 s.f.
While this would be big news normally, these days it seems like a typical announcement.  Regardless, in our opinion a new hotel/extended stay building is definitely a welcome addition compared to a parking garage (which is currently there).

FYI - development tracker updated!

(Hat tip:  SH!)

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