Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Case for the South Side Lakefront Bike Trail

Ok - so it's not the most hard hitting piece, but a Tribune sings the praises of the South Side lakefront bike trail (via Chicago Tribune):
The city's North Side-South Side rivalry is always in play, most prominently in the baseball version that this year has been so decisively settled.  
But in another category, I am casting my vote differently. When it comes to the lakefront bike trail, the South Side rules.  
Ah, South Side lakefront! How I have come to love you, with all your new goodies. The Chicago Park District has been pouring in money and improvements — over $160 million in new projects in lakefront parks south of Roosevelt Road since 2011 — and it shows.  
Crickets sing amid wildflowers in the Burnham Centennial Prairie. Boats bob in season in the new 31st Street Harbor. The relatively new Oakwood Beach and beach house beckon. It goes on for mile after mile, beaches interspersed with prairie and savanna, crisp concrete walls providing countless spots to gaze at the lake — and all of it bathed in peace and tranquillity.

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