Thursday, October 23, 2014

Golub & Company Get Permits for 40 Story Tower at 1001 South State

Image from Curbed Chicago
Back in September we posted about a residential building finally moving forward at the southeast corner of 9th and State.  Well if you had doubts, more "official" things are happening to progress this project (via Curbed Chicago):
Back in November 2011, the company announced that it would build a 35 story tower on a site that was at the time a city owned property, however there was no movement on the project until this past September when the property was surrounded by fences and signs indicating that the parking lot had been closed. This led us and others to wonder if the project was finally moving forward. However, the mystery was finally solved yesterday when the city issued a construction permit to the developer to build a 397 unit, 40 story tower at 1001 S. State Street.
There still seems to be some uncertainty on what the final building will look like.

Anyway, another one of the vacant lots in the neighborhood is being developed.

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