Thursday, October 30, 2014

Could Soil Boring/Sampling at SE Corner of Roosevelt and Michigan Mean Something is Coming?

Rendering of New Building at SE Corner of Roosevelt and Michigan 
A reader writes:
I'm writing to report that soil boring/sampling is being conducted at the Michigan/Roosevelt lot owned by Crescent Heights today. Perhaps the speculation about this site is almost over.

Another reader sent a similar note:
Activity at SE Corner of Roosevelt and Michigan. Today there is a small crew with a mobile drill truck. They appear to be taking soil samples and measuring.

We caution everyone to not get too excited yet.  While this could mean a development is coming, it could also mean little.

For background, there has been a lot of speculation about this lot given it's high profile nature.  Back in 2013 some crazy renderings emerged at  Nothing really came to be, but again those renderings surfaced with some additional ones back in June of 2014 - which made it seem more feasible.

We even heard a rumor that the British School of Chicago was eyeing the lot for another location (however that seemed unlikely).

If anyone has anything additional to share please let us know.

It seems like we continue to hear rumors and see "signs" but usually nothing comes to be.

(Hat tip:  BZ and AS!)

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