Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mac Kelly's Greens n' Things to Replace Homemade Pizza Co. at 1347 S. Michigan

A reader writes:
I saw this posted on the doors of Homemade Pizza space - the menu looks pretty good and affordable. Hope they will open soon.
Mac Kelly's Greens n' Things has a couple other locations around the loop and while we've never eaten at one, we have been intrigued.

The menu is pretty affordable and it has some pretty positive reviews from Yelp and TripAdvisor.

If the South Loop location is a similar concept as the others (which we assume it would be) it definitely fills in a nice niche for the neighborhood.  There are a decent amount of sit down restaurants, but this will serve those of us who are in a rush, don't want to cook, but would like a quick meal.

We also found some pictures of their other locations to give you a peak at what it looks like inside:
Salad Bar at Jackson location (via Yelp)
Fruit selection at Jackson location (via Yelp)
Just last week we posted a rumor that a vegetarian restaurant might be opening up in this space.  Well I guess this could count as a vegetarian option, but doubt it's the same thing.  As a reminder, Homemade Pizza Co. closed their doors back in June as their entire business (all locations) were closed.

Seems like a good addition to us.  Does anyone else have strong feeling one way or another?

(Hat tip: MK, VC, RK!)

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