Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Caribou Coffee Closes; Will Re-open Eventually as a Peet's

Word came out last year that Caribou Coffee was going to be closing throughout Chicago as part of a private equity buyout with some locations being converted to Pete's.  Well this apparently has finally happened for the South Loop location:
Not sure if you covered this yet. Caribou, Wabash/8th, has now closed and will be reopening as Pete's. They have paper on the windows while the redo the inside and writing on the window door explaining.
We've never had Peet's, but according to Wikipedia it's a San Francisco based business that has been around since 1966, but was bought out and is aggressively expanding.

We have updated the business counter to reflect Caribou's closing and Peet's impending opening.

Finally, we've also received a decent amount of emails from readers letting us know two local coffee shops - one that opened and one that is planning on opening in August - just north of Sloop (IMO).  Dollop Coffee Co. has opened at 343 S. Dearborn and Asado Coffee Roasters is planning an August opening at 22 E. Jackson.  Since these technically aren't in the Sloop we're not including them in the business counter.

(Hat tip: CD, RG, AA, KD, RG!)

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