Thursday, July 17, 2014

Downsize Fitness Opens at 633 S. Plymouth Ct

Another fitness business has opened in Printers Row.  A reader writes:
Downsize Fitness has relocated from the West Loop to the South Loop. They are now open for business at 633 S Plymouth. Downsize Fitness is a fitness center designed to help people lose weight.
Upon further examination they have a good yelp review (5 stars from 12 reviews) and based on their website they're:
An integrated wellness program for healthy weight loss. Much more than a gym, Downsize Fitness is an all-encompassing health and wellness organization founded on the desire to improve the lifestyle of the individual. The methodology is rooted in a threefold approach: 
  1. Physical fitness with customized, personal training modified to your fitness level 
  2. Sensible nutrition that actually works 
  3. Weight loss counseling to fostering a supportive environment

Welcome to the Sloop!

(Hat tip:  SF!)

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