Monday, May 19, 2014

Construction Season Underway at 1300 Block of S. Wabash and Michigan

If you live near 14th street and woke up to amazingly loud pounding noises recently, it's not because you had too much to drink last night.  Construction is in full swing at 1345 S. Wabash, the new condo building being developed by CMK:

While this isn't really new news, there are also some other developments close by.  It appears that construction for Lakeside Bank has finally commenced as judging by the fence that was recently put up at the corner of 14th and Michigan:

If you recall the renderings will look like this and be a much welcomed addition compared to the torn up parking lot:

It also looks like the rental building just north of the future Lakeside Bank headquarters is putting the final touches inside the old courthouse building at 1340 S. Michigan.  The building is being marketed as Aviation Lofts and you can see some good pics/videos at it.  They also have a good amount of history about the building.  However, they conveniently left out the portion that the building was last used as the Cook County Circuit Court for divorces and family court in the 1980s and 1990s - maybe not the best selling point for young Chicago couples.

Finally, just north of Aviation Lofts is a small structure that was built by the team who was also working on the Lofts.  We're not really sure what it is, but it resembles some type of retail.  Does anyone have the scoop on this?  Here is a pic we snapped recently:

Next year these two blocks are going to look much different and that's a good thing!

(Hat tip:  RM!)

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