Monday, February 17, 2014

Sizing Up Competitors for Obama Presidential Library

Image from Politico
In honor of President's day, we thought it would be fitting to post a recent article we read on Politco about the Obama Presidential Library selection process.  While it doesn't talk about the Sloop, many in Chicago think it could end up close to our hood:
The University of Chicago may be touted as the clear front-runner to host Barack Obama’s presidential library and museum, but universities from the East Coast to Hawaii aren’t ready to cede the race: They’re putting up a fight to claim a piece of the president’s legacy — and the cash that comes along with it. 
While the old Michael Reese campus (just south of the Sloop) could house it, recently city hall seemed to discount that idea.  Another long shot would be converting Lakeside Center at McCormick Place into the library.  Seems like it would fit in well with the other museums in the museum campus.

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