Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mixed Use Residential Development Coming to 817 S. Wells?

A reader writes:
Walked down Wells street today, across from River City, and noticed that the parking log at 817 S Wells will soon be closing. I did a quick web search and found that it was listed for sale for $9M recently. I couldn't find anything about who might have bought it, or what the plans for the lot are. Have you heard anything? Printer's Row keeps keeps losing parking lots. It's got to stop!
Another reader writes a similar email, but has a little more detail:
They closed down this lot today at 817 S. Wells (across from River City). They wasted no time cleaning out the cars and snow to bore for soil samples. I spoke to one of the engineers hoping they would build a parking lot because many of the old lofts do not have parking. The engineer informed me that it is likely going to be mixed use residential.
This is news to us and we actually weren't aware of any planned developments for this lot (unless it has something to do with the British School of Chicago).

Does anyone have the scoop?

Here is another angle of the lot from Google Maps:

(Hat tip: CS & RB!)

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