Thursday, December 12, 2013

Solid Carry-Out Options at Nepal House & Kurrah

We don't do carry-out very often (with the exception of pizza), but for whatever reason we recently have done it a couple times.  With that said, we have two new things we have craved ever since.

Momo at Nepal House (1301 S. Michigan)
Nepal House has a menu that is very similar to their sister restaurant Chicago Curry House (899 S. Plymouth).  However, whenever we've been there we never tried the Chicken Momo.  Upon a recent carry-out order from Nepal House we finally did try the momo and WOW were they delicious.  Try not to drool too much:
Chicken Momo:  Steamed dumplings of minced chicken seasoned with Nepali herbs and spices.  Served with our special sauce.  A true national dish of Nepal.    

Falafel Wrap at Kurrah (1355 S. Michigan)
We're pretty big fans of Kurah.  We had an excellent meal when they first opened.  They've also garnered some respect from Michelin by receiving a Bib Gourmand rating.  Anyway, one of the things that sparked our interest was the "WRAPS" section of the menu.

It's only available for Lunch or Carryout, but it's definitely worth a try.  You can opt for a variety of main ingredient options:
Falafel, Chicken Shawerma, Lamb and Beef Shawerma, Duck Shawerma, Chicken Kabob, Kifta (ground beef and lamb) kabob, Black Angus Rib Eye Kabob 
The base for all wraps are:
All wraps are filled with arugula, olives, onion, sumac, parsley, cream toum, hummas, tomatoes, Persian cucumbers and potatoes.  Served with hot sauce on the side.

We opted for the Falafel and it was a huge, flavorful wrap.  We're already dreaming of trying one of the other main ingredients.

Anyway, just two relatively new carry-out options for your consideration.

(Hat tip: DB!)

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