Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fleetwood Restaurant Coming to Motor Row

Potentially another good sign for Motor Row - a new spot called Fleetwood Restaurant is apparently coming to 2333 S. Michigan (the spot where Cali's Mexican American Grill was):
Was out jogging this evening and noticed a coming soon sign for Fleetwood Restaurant at 2333 Michigan Avenue. The location is 2 doors north of where Broad Shoulders Brewing will be. There is a website, which offers minimal detail at:

The website is clearly a template and clearly hasn't been finished yet (which is pretty normal for a new business/restaurant).

We tried to do some additional searching on the interwebs, but didn't find much except for a link to a Fleetwood Restaurant that was in Springfield but closed in the 1980's (however, we're pretty confident these have nothing in common).

Does anyone have any additional information on Fleetwood Restaurant?

If they're looking for dish suggestions...may we offer "Fleetwood Mac & Cheese": 

Sorry - we just had to do it.  Sigh...

(Hat tip: EM!)

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