Friday, February 1, 2013

Two Crime Updates for 2/1/2013

Wanted to post a couple crime updates this afternoon.

First, in case you didn't hear, there was a shooting on Lake Shore Drive & the ramp to 55.  Here is a link to the story and quick blurb about the motive from the Tribune:
Illinois State Police Cpt. Gutierrez said police were able to talk to the passenger, who was not harmed, and police believe that "this incident stems from drug and gang activity."
Another reader sent us this community alert recently.  Here is a link to the document from the police (1st district):
(Hat tip: LP!)


Anonymous said...

Kind of surprised that nobody even bothers to comment on the crime in this city anymore. Are we just numb to it? I mean, over 30 people post comments about a sandwich shop, but not even one person posts a single statement here. Shame.

Anonymous said...

its because there are too many no-it-alls here like "mr.Downtown" that use this blog as a platform to sound off on topics about city polititcs and infrastructure to make themselves feel important.