Monday, February 4, 2013

Some Motor Row Updates from Chicago Architecture Blog

Not a ton of new information for the well informative Sloopers, but regardless we wanted to throw you a link if you're interested in Motor Row (via the Chicago Architecture Blog).

One snippet that we found interesting:
In addition, a group of potential out-of-town investors came to Chicago on January 30th for a tour of Motor Row locations for a possible entertainment business. 
And Fioretti says a Swiss company with deep pockets is trying to fund a Miami-based hotel company to open a boutique hotel in the district. 
To date we haven’t heard any rumbling from NIMBYs in the area. Everyone we’ve spoken with seems eager to have new neighbors, more dining and entertainment options, and fewer vacant buildings. At this point, most of it is just dreams and drawings, but everything does seem to be falling into place for the wasteland around McCormick Place to transform into something much better.

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